Activate a BSNL SIM Card

Due to Covid-19, activation of new sim cards might be delayed.

BSNL is the largest telecom service provider in India that provides services Landline, Mobile Connectivity, Broadband, and many more. It offers 2G/3G network services and 4G in a few circles for cellular or mobile connectivity. It is one of the oldest telecom companies in India, which brought a connectivity revolution in India.

It has existed since the year 2000 and completed 20 years in 2020. We all have seen how it has degraded over the few years and performed poorly from the user’s point of view. However, BSNL being the giant; we all have a nostalgic attachment of owning a BSNL connection, be it mobile or landline in some part of our lives.

Do you remember the PCOs of BSNL? They were quite popular back then. You could call anyone at just Rs 1.

Though right now it’s in a troubled state, I have a firm belief that if things are sorted out and worked well, it would be a great profit-making company again that serves the masses at the lowest rates. But that’s only is possible if our government puts emphasis on it.

Do note BSNL is the only telecom provider that hasn’t done away with the main balance and validity concept. The rest of the companies made it mandatory to recharge with a minimum amount monthly, which is about more than Rs 100 a month.

4G connectivity is available in just a few circles by BSNL; most of the people in India are still using 3G connectivity, which is the second-fastest cellular technology now.

Update: BSNL is known to launch its 4G services PAN India starting August 2022, after many delays and hurdles.

If you are planning a trip to India for business or leisure, you can purchase a pre-paid SIM card and phone from BSNL to use. BSNL has its services all over India, so no matter where you are traveling, you will be able to make calls within the country as needed.

Getting a BSNL New SIM

You can purchase a BSNL prepaid card through a variety of mobile distributor networks located throughout India. Once you have the SIM card in hand, slide the card into your mobile handset. If you don’t have a handset that’s compatible with BSNL prepaid cards, you can purchase one when you pick up the card.

If you took a new BSNL SIM card recently, then it’s time to activate it now.

You will need to activate your BSNL SIM to be able to use it.

A new BSNL 2G/3G/4G SIM gets activated within 24 hours. An initial activation alert SMS will be sent to the alternate mobile no provided by you in the CAF.

After initial activation, the customer needs to dial 1507 or 123 for the Tele verification of his/her new SIM card. On successful Tele verification, your new BSNL SIM will get activated fully. And now, you can enjoy the service of India’s No.1 telecom company.

Steps to Activate Your BSNL SIM

This post was re-updated on 1st February 2022.

  • Turn off your cell phone if it is not already powered off.
  • Install the BSNL SIM card in your phone. The SIM card slot is under the battery in the back of the phone.
  • Power on the phone by pressing the “Power/End” button.
  • Now, wait for the network.
  • Dial “1507” or ‘123’ on the phone to confirm your card, select a language, and verify.
  • You will be prompted for Tele-Verification
  • Follow the Tele-verification guide.
  • Done! Your sim is now activated, and you can start using it for calling or data services.
  • This activates your SIM card with the phone.
  • Welcome Onboard with BSNL!

Report Issues With BSNL Card

If you have an issue with your BSNL new SIM card or activation, call the BSNL customer care number, which is 1800-180-1503. The service is available 24 hours per day and includes problems with your verification code.

An alternate BSNL customer care number is available for issues related to your mobile codes or calls from other places. For those instances, call 1800-180-1503/1503.

If you have queries, you can ask in the comments below.

Thanks for reading this article. Hope you found it useful

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Thank you sir, it was very useful.


My BSNL sim is deactivated because i didn’t used it from 6months so help me how can i activate it

Madan singh

My bsnl no9532441*** my adhar no 23717288****


I think it’s a great experience with BSNL in features.


Can I activate sim in night also


I ported my sim to bsnl and its showing signal. But not activated due to 1507 is not working. What can i do now


Ramesh, I am try. to connect new and first sim today.

sgm t

9441186305 / 9704721220

Dejum Belo

I called the call centre they say documents not updated then I visited the nearest BSNL office for enquiry they said everything is up to I am confused what to do and whom to rely on for activation of my upgraded prepaid SIM for 4G network.

Sikta Pradhan

The worst network that is why person doesn’t want to use BSNL sim. The no. 1507 given on the sim is not unavailable to activate the sim.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sikta Pradhan

1507 is not responding

Manish Agarwal m

Sim. Chalu. Karona

Sandeep singh

Sandeep singh 9469565827 Adhar 891390523254 hi no Activate karna


I got new sim of bsnl.. Network is showing but neither call is possible nor internet working… I tried 1507 also but calling is not possible…


It returns “your service is unavailable”

Awanish Kumar Tripathi

I ported the sim from Jio to BSNL but still not active.

Pranab paul

Tell the person who has done your frc to do the frc from another phone, sometimes it shows frc is done in bsnl app but
Actually its not.. This problem is common in bsnl..

Prabal Choudhary

Mera bhi yahi scene ho rhai

syednausheed pasha

How to active my number


What if I am in other state


Mera same problem hai



My sim validity expired on month of March how can i recharge nd how much for validity.

Surendra Pandey

9472447384 new sim se 1507 or call nhi ho rha hay verification krana hay


Hello Sir, I have ported from Airtel to BSNL 4G, I am calling 1507 for tele verification but I am facing some issues. It’s saying This Service Is Unavailable at the time please try later. How can I activate my number sir. Please help me.

Fathima Ayin

I have did this.. but am not able to use this sim card.. when i call customer care executive they are not piking up the call

Rejith Kumar

(your call will be attended shortly). I am also eagerly waiting for Tele verification. taking too much time. no any response. I think it is better to go Jio or any other private network.


i didn’t received any otp yet…


Same here


While tele verification
Not able to do tele verification
Unable to connect Error coming
What I want to do for tele verification


Which plan should be recharged for the first time when sim gets activated


My sim is being activated and recharge is also done but I didn’t get my recharge plan and if I call the customer care they also didn’t receive the call now what should I do

Madan singh

My bsnl no9532441484 my adhar no 237172883643 not activate






After all process & verification,still sim not ready to use


I got a new bsnl Sim its coming network but calls are not going and also data is not coming
I’m trying to call 1507 but its not connecting I tried it several times but Its not connecting Can u give suggestion

Vishnudev Kumar

28/09/2019 ko sim liye the aur 30/09/2019 ko network aaya tha aur tavi se 1507 pe call kar rahe hain busy hi bata rahe hain kuchh bataye verification kaise hoge mobile numbe bsnl 8986176267


It says
Call couldn’t be complete at tha moment.
Please call customer care immediately.
But… What i do


I had buy a bsnl sim card .and the retailer told me that its take 4hour to activate but it already 8 hour and it not been activate


1507 is not working for doing tele verification can you please help on this sir can you provide another number


I did call on 1507. for varification otp but asking for varification otp which I have no. how will I get varification tot.
How will my sim verify and how will they turn

Nishant bhatt

Sir my sim expired

Hardik hadiya

Activation My Sim Card

Narasimha Kulkarni

6362333319 call me

Narasimha Kulkarni

8277629308 this my old bsnl no
. not re charging

Ramesh Kotadia

When it will be activated?

K. Prasad

Sim missing new sim apply. SIM number 9441985387

ranjit chakraborty

my sim number *****30822, inspite of clearing all dues my sim showing no service. i want to activate my sim. please do the needfull at the earlest. yur customer care does not respnding anything.


New sim No.8991388033211281737 is not yet activated after 7 days

Mahboob Raza

Mahboob Raza my sim bsnl network no connection

Mahboob Raza

Mahboob Raza my number cheng jio to bsnl M.P network

Omprakash Dubey

I want activate


Am using Airtel postpaid i need to change to bsnl

Goutam Sahoo

Hi sir mera sim active nehi horahe9556793969

Bhimanshu Thakur

Thank you sir….

Pooja Sanap

SIR PLEASE TELL ME MY CARD IS deactivated SINEC 10 days I didn’t recharge so what to do

Sarath kumar

Hi sir ,my sim has not working for 2weeks .what can I do .9385410329


After 24hrs while trying to activate its not activating .At the same time saying temporary error ,try again later ?what to do ?

Rahul Kumar

SIM activate


My no 9887109139 bsnl MNP in Rajasthan but I am leaving in Maharashtra so my no verification not complete
So plz look into this matter

Manoj Kumawat

Sir mene new number liya rajsthan se abhi me delhi me hu or us sim card se 1507 pr verification kerne pr call rejected likha aa reha hai how to solve sir my num is 9461315162

Arshiya Mithun

My friend is going to Spiti and has a BSNL sim which is not activated. He is not sure if it is even registered. What should he do?

Kuldeep singh

Jio da sim Port karo bsnl 7626830807

Pulin Barman

Pulin Barman
New sim
Mobile number 9477774168
Not activate.
Please activate this number and verify it soon.

Rajat Purkayastha

After a lost handset complaint (with FIR copy)and documents, received a smart SIM instantly from the local office. Network was active, but the moment I want to get in touch with customer care no 1503, the response received is ‘all outgoing calls are barred… contact cc etc’. What to do??


My sim is active but call why not go plz solve this problem


My sim is active but call why not go plz solve this problem call not go 1507 network full is here no connection problem

Subramani K

Hi my bsnl number inactive, not income and outgoing call, i haven’t no balance, i try to recharge today but not recharge my number


Plz check my no is active or not my no is 9499240654


Plz check my no is active or not my no is 9499240654 call not go customer care what to do

rahul patil

sir my blance no but my rechare in 106 plz activet 9503538505


I have taken a new SIM card on Sunday, today i have placed it in mobile Bt it was not activated ,I called to the number 1507 Bt it’s not responding.. What i have to do now?



Ankit Kumar Tiwari

My no 9499328179 not actvate

Visakh A S

In my bsnl number ******8120 I used it 2 years. I have main balance. But my out going calls are blocked. In my balance account they shows state -inactive. If I call some one bsnl customer care will say kindly recharge u r account u r plan is expired. Can u help me sir?


I cant get any network after following the step…

Vishal rathod

1507 number are not dial in my bsnl card. My bsnl signals are full in my phone


New sim
Mobile number 9489255348
Not activated
Sim no.8991808046451684294
Sir please activated my sim


New sim
Mobile number 9489255348
Not activated
Sim no.8991808046451684294
Sir please activated my sim


My sim is active but call why not go plz solve this problem call not go 1507 network full is here no connection problem
Mobile number 9489255348


My sim is active but call why not go plz solve this problem call not go 1507 network full is here no connection problem

Dhanuram reang

I want to sim active

Pranto Paul

This is my number(9491958228).I bought it a week age.But till now it is not activated….please activate this SIM card.


This is mY no 9424803060 is not working properly not taking calls and not forwarding any calls try to help me out from this situation

SHEKH nisar

I lossed my bsnl Sim, which purchased in Hyderabad using Maharashtra ID proof as Aadhar, currently I was went to bsnl office hyderabad, but they not accepting my complaint, Demanding for local ID proof, Actually I’m from maharashtra but doing job in Hyderabad. How can provide local ID proof, please need helpful for using bsnl services.


Hi Can I activated BSNL sim in Delhi which I purchased from Rajasthan

Ramesh Nayak

i had ported my Mb.No 9844499625 from Idea to BSNL.I had been to BSNL office and got the SIM and they have activated it on Dec 22 2018.My other Service provider had discunnected their service.its been 10 day from now and it is not activated.
Please check and let me know


My sim not working

Ranjit anand

I buy today new bsnl sim card but still not activated y my new bsnl sim card no 8987128281 please activate my sim


I have ported out my number from another provider to BSNL.I don’t remember to fave given an alternate number to customer care while buying the new bsnl sim.Now if my service provider cut off their services in one week and when I insert new bsnl sim hod do I activate the new sim. kindly advise.My phone no is 9946795012.

Hemant jaiswal

My no . is not working i will conferm my name and address after that it will not working


Pliss active may sim


I have port my Vodafone sim to BSNL sim
Now it is not getting activated It is giving full ring and ending with beep dialing on 1507
What should I do next
I really did mistake to port my sim why did I come to BSNL.


thanks! you saved us a trip to the bsnl center. Didnt know about tele verification

Amit choudhary

सर मैने अपना सिम एयरटेल से port कराया है अब मुझे कितने का रीचार्ज करना है सिम activet करने के लिए


Bhai meri sim new li h Lekin isske network hi nhi aarhe kya Kru 1 din ho gya aaj


I have changed my num from jio network to BSNL network on 10th feb but it dosent activate still now what is problem….i have called to 1507…..while calling 1507 i dosnt responding….what is problem….Only one beep comes & and tha call is automatically rejected


Is it necessary to recharge the amount of 107 after activating or I can recharge other offer packs?

Ritesh Jaiswal

Hello my name is Ritesh and I had ported my aircel number to bsnl after porting my number I haven’t recharged my number ones but incoming is active though this number is not required for calling anyone I had not recharged but now I need to recharge this number for porting but I am unable to recharge can you help me please……..

Suvendu Das

I lost my BSNL simple card
Can i get the number in 24 hours,it’s very urgent…

prashanta Kumar sahoo

Sir I cannot register with my mobile no 9439256359 my mobile number lost 1year 6 month Now i am active this number
There pleased i requested too you activate my number four which i sal grateful .


sir i took a new sim .. its not showing network. it has crossed 24 hrs. what should i do to activate it


What happened now is it activated now


6033977658 my BSNL number, please help me to activate this. Or contact📞 me, since I have being waiting after I had done calling to activate with this number 1507, still now I have not seeing any stable and inactivate SIM.

So, Sir/Ma’am, I kindly requested you to activate my BSNL SIM (6033977658) within few hours.

Thank you

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