Affiliate Disclaimer​

I am a firm believer in transparency and ethics on web, and that’s why I am disclosing that some of the products that I am recommending on this website will earn me an affiliate commission for the purchase you make.

This comes at NO EXTRA cost to you, in fact most of the times you will get something extra (in form of discounts or added benefits) when you purchase through my link.

Having said that, there are millions of products and services out there in the financial domain.

But I promote only those which I have tested out thoroughly or I am using personally and I am sure they will add value to your life.

The criteria to mention/recommend a product is completely independent of the affiliate commission I may earn from them. That means I recommend only that stuff which I think will be useful for you and will deliver value to your life.

Primarily these products are from financial domain. However, they can also be from other domains (e.g. making side income through blogging so recommending the best hosting platform).

Kindly note that I am not receiving any free product, service or financial incentive from any company for writing about them. The financial consideration is only in the form of affiliate commissions.

All reviews/recommendations mentioned on this website are based on my personal use and experience with that company/product.

In case any company offers me a financial consideration for writing a review, that article will clearly be marked as a “sponsored post” and will only be published if the product clears the strict quality & service criteria I have set.

In the end, while I recommend multiple products & services on this platform, you would agree that my personal bias will always be there in my suggestions. While I try to think from my reader’s perspective, opinions are always my one.

Hence, please understand your needs first and buy/opt for the service only if you think it will help you satisfy your objective.

Cheers to your success.