What is internet speed in IIM Sambalpur?

Sharing Internet Experiences in IIM Sambalpur

If you’re wondering about the internet speed at IIM Sambalpur, you have come to the right place. I’ve shared my personal and genuine experience of the internet at IIM Sambalpur, obviously no sugar coating.

When I made into Indian Insitute of Management Sambalpur, quite a few of my acquaintances asked me whats the internet like in here.

IT infrastructure in IIM Sambalpur is sophisticated enough to take care of all the academic requirements and student’s needs.

It depends a lot on what you’re are up to and your extracurricular activities.

We MBA students heavily rely on the internet for all our daily notifications and even study. The reality is we all heavily rely on the internet to get the content for our education.

Therefore a good internet speed really helps.

I do a lot of live projects, manage my websites, and freelancing work online, making it immensely important to have good internet speed.

To be frank and state my genuine experience, it wasn’t good at the start. The ISP’s that we had were very problematic and used to take a lot of time to resolve connectivity issues. However, once the institute changed the ISP’s, it was a breeze.

Most of the IIMs have high-speed internet connectivity.

Here, you can download the entire movie in less than 10 minutes.

Fast enough for almost everything that you’ll need, provided your demands are not ridiculous.

I once got a peak download speed of “100MBps” on IDM. Well, that was at 3.30am in the midnight when I was passing the time in the classroom.

However, like some IIM’s, no dedicated LAN port is provided for separate Internet connection for students in their rooms.

There are two ISP’s, one is Powergrid (300Mbps), and the other is NKN (1Gbps). Both are a robust network with minimal downtimes.

There are 4 places on our campus – Academic Block, Boys Hostel 1, Boys Hostel 2 and Girls Hostel which is covered entirely through WiFi connectivity with the help of access points.

The access points have dual channels (2.4GHz and 5Ghz) and mostly placed at the right places to give you constant range and connectivity.

This is the speed test on 27th Feb 2020, from my hostel room.

WiFi speed at IIM Sambalpur Hostel
Internet Speed at IIM Sambalpur Boys Hostel 1

Pings for various games are really great, though they depend on the server distance. I am rarely able to play only one game that’s League of Legends, where I play from EU Server. I get pings in the range of 30-70ms which is quite decent.

Soon I’ll be sharing internet speed at various places, stay tuned.

Speeds are much higher for LAN connections that are in Library.

So if you’re ever making it to IIM Sambalpur, you’ll have a great browsing and downloading experience.

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