Koach Konnect Karma Internship Experience

Course/University: MASTERS in Business ADMINISTRATION, IIM sambalpur

Period of internship: 11 Jan to 16 July 2021

Internship function: Product Marketing

My Koach Konnect Karma or K3 Internship Experience

“I was intrigued by the family culture at Deloitte after speaking to some of my seniors who had gone through the Deloitte summer internship programme. As Deloitte is the largest professional services network in the world, I felt that an internship at Deloitte was a great platform for me to gain deeper insights into the accounting and audit industry. Deloitte is also known for its focus on diversity as well as career development programmes which I believe provide numerous learning opportunities for the interns.

I was interning at the Financial Services Industry (FSI) audit department, during which I was assigned to a couple of major engagements and had the opportunity to put my accounting knowledge into practice and perform actual audit procedures for the clients. My job scope included the handling of real accounts and tasks which are normally assigned to full-time audit associates. I feel that it was an enriching experience to be part of Deloitte’s summer internship programme as I got to learn a lot of technical knowledge and gain valuable hands-on audit experience through my engagements. I also had the chance to participate in numerous firm events to bond and forge friendships with my colleagues and fellow interns.”

What I like about my internship experience

“I like how interns are treated just like full-time associates and get assigned actual and meaningful tasks which are crucial and beneficial to the audit engagements. It feels great to be a part of the actual audit engagement team! The most memorable part of my internship was when my engagement team completed our audit engagement for a major client. Even though I only joined the team for the final seven weeks, I still felt a strong sense of achievement after the signing-off of my first audit engagement. The best part of the internship was the Audit Off-Peak Party where everyone in the audit department put their work aside and came together for a night of fun and celebrations. The time spent working on a project with other interns from various departments for the Mentor Appreciation Day Innovation Challenge, as well as other corporate events, form some of the most memorable parts of my internship!”

Challenges that I met during my internship

“Being in the FSI department, I handled specialised accounts which demanded skill sets which had not been taught in the general audit curriculum in school. Hence, this was challenging at times when I was faced with a new account which I had not seen before. However, the seniors and mentors were always ready and willing to give their advice and guidance to help me overcome these challenges.”

What I learnt from my internship

“I gained deeper insights into the audit industry and it has helped me significantly with my career planning. I developed a better understanding of the career path of an auditor through the internship, helping me to make an informed career decision. My biggest takeaway would be the new long-term relationships and connections which I had forged with my colleagues and fellow interns at Deloitte.”

My advice for internship

#1: Always take initiative in everything that you do.

#2: Make a log of everything which you have learnt at the end of each day of internship.

#3: Talk to new people and make connections, be it managers, seniors or fellow interns.

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