Koach Konnect Karma

A Non-Profit Organization which aims to empower and develop young executives by connecting them with passionate industry leaders through platform based coaching.

The surplus revenue is contributed solely to Udayan/Shalini Fellowship Program in India which is its NGO partner for promoting Women’s Higher Education Programme, ensuring that unprivileged female students get the quality education sponsored.

We will work with the up-and-and-coming executives to foster their talent and capabilities. We help and support the advancement of the leadership programme to ensure quality of instruction.

Our initiative allows the coaches to give their valuable insights and teaching abilities to the young executives who can then give back to their Karma as a way of giving back to an education programme that helps impoverished children. Our Purpose unites the Coaches together because we have a common drive to make a difference.

Basically, Koach Konnect Karma is an enterprise based in Singapore, created to connect Young Executives to Senior Industry Leaders to coach and accelerate their growth and to leverage Coaching fees for a Contribution to a cause that the company emphasis on much.

A social enterprise registered in Singapore to connect Young executives through a website to Industry leaders for a 1:1 coaching on a video platform.

Company Overview

Type: Ed-Tech

Offerings: Provides Coaching to Young Executives on their platform.

For this project, I was responsible for Marketing Operations.

Duration of work: 6 Months (Jan 2020 – June 2020)

Role: Marketing Intern