How to Protect Your Google Adsense Account From Invalid Clicks

To all concerned Google Adsense Publishers; I know, until now you already have worked quite hard on your website, and have possibly got approved as an Adsense publisher.
Congrats for that!
Now lately you might have obviously observed in the monthly statements that you are getting quite an amount of invalid clicks or clicks that aren’t genuine or organic.
We all know, and you too if you have gone through the Adsense policies, that Adsense platform takes fraud and invalid clicks very seriously.
There are thousands of people or publishers who have lost their Adsense account and probably have got banned due to fake clicks or any other invalid activity.
This has become a rising concern for all of us publishers.
Google does have few features that help us to tackle this problem of ours, even they too have to please the advertisers who are putting or spending money on advertisements that are shown by us.
Hence Google has a very strict system and many strict policies and we are bound to follow them as publishers.

To protect from invalid clicks, follow few simple steps

  1. Follow AdSense placement guideline. Place Ad in a manner which can be easy for the visitor to distinguish between content and Ad. For example, we should never try to mislead visitors by putting link unit under the download button.
  2. Choose proper ad units. A common mistake; some add 728*90 in the header even for a mobile device, which badly impacts readability due to left-and-right scroll. Instead, it is better to use responsive of taking help of CSS media queries.
  3. Use Site Authorization feature of AdSense.
  4. Also, you can use AICP plugin to set click limit per IP.

Few more tips:

  • Do not ask your friends, neighbors and family members to click on your AdSense ads.
  • Don’t tell anyone you have a website and earning money from AdSense.
  • If you see CTR is higher than other days then disable the ads for one or two days.
  • Create URL channel or Custom Channel to identify which post is getting higher CTR.
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