Work Hire Policy

Last Updated: 01/01/2022

This document entertains and provides information regarding work/hire policy.

The “service provider” here is Ash Digital Services and its associated partners and a “client” is someone who asks the service provider for a service or work.

This document has been maintained on the basis of professional conduct and best effort basis. A “client” needs to understand, follow and comply with the policies to maintain a professional relationship.

Notice: Ashish Dung Dung himself is not working anymore as a freelancer and catering to clients due to his current employment and his employment policy, however, all work and projects are serviced by associated partners.

Work and Hire

A client or group can hire the service provider for any type of work to which the service provider here (Ash Digital Services) can cater to. The assigned projects will be catered to on mutually agreed terms and clauses specified by both the service provider and the client.

A work/project estimated cost is usually final and is needed to be paid upfront for the work to be started. Once paid the service provider will start working on the project until its completed and the client will be informed.

As mentioned that the pricing is an estimated cost that can be final, at times when a project can require an additional amount of work, for which the client needs to compensate the service provider for any extra service or work that was done which will be duly informed.

A client has the right to halt the project subjected to their requirements and on agreed terms and clauses. There are several terms and conditions affixed to maintain professionalism, services offered and to counter any fraud by the client, if the work is half completed or fully completed.
If a client has a project that
has been serviced and once that is completed fully or partially, the No refund policy comes into effect. Though it depends on a case-to-case basis.

If the work is “urgent” as mentioned by the client, “Genuine bonafide clients” are prioritized over others work/projects that am working on even if there’s a project budget differentiation in goodwill. Once the Work/project required to be completed has been started, completed, or partially completed: No Refund Policy comes into effect as it has already been given prioritization over other projects.

The client needs to bear the cost of payment processing by the payment method that they are choosing.

For example, the usual cost that we bear for each payment is about 10% from Paypal (Receiving + Conversion), 18% GST and my bank charges for foreign remittance of 5%. 

Hence these funds are not with me anymore, if a client wishes for a refund depending on the case basis and if is eligible for a refund, he/she will be only entitled to the net payment which we got, plus there’s a processing charge of 3% of the total net as PayPal is not available for sending money, the funds need to be sent via wire transfer.

Work Completed

Once the work has been completed then it will be duly informed to the client, post which if there need to be any modifications, if covered it will be rendered for free (only if it falls in the original contract). Else it will be covered on a pro-rata basis.


For privacy-related concerns we generally advise our clients not to share their login credentials, however, some clients do offer their login credentials for swiftness in the work completion.

Though we don’t entertain and encourage this, from my good self, we assure you that I won’t ever share any confidential information with any third party in best effort.

Partial Refund/Full Refund Policy

A partial Refund is available only for projects worth 500 EUR, wherein on the basis of a case, we will withdraw the work and provide the materials or information which can be passed on to another freelancer, depending on the client. Note that there are various fees like conversion charges, withdrawal charges, PayPal fees, and GST that I need to pay, this will be deducted from the remaining balance, post which the partial net fund will be initiated.

Full Refund is only applicable for projects for “bonafide clients” who might wish to cancel the service 6 hours after they have placed the order and paid for it.

Please note urgent work cases aren’t eligible for any type of refund as they are already given prioritization over other customers irrespective of a project budget. 

##The average rate per hour is € 35 EUR*. Which is applicable as additional for any extra work that is being done. * Latest Rate per hour

## The information in this policy is subject to change at any time.