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Ashish dung dung

I’m currently a college student. My ambition is to build innovative businesses that stand out & provide both products & services sourced and produced in India. Personally, I think Fin-tech & and traditional business could take inspirations from recent & upcoming techs to improvise themselves to world standards. My wish is to achieve and bring change in the traditional business sector down to its roots using the latest technologies & innovations. Products and services that impact lives in a better way while lowering the cost of our living and making our life more sustainable is not a vivid dream.

For now, am exploring resources, learning things and gathering support that would be helpful to me in future. Meanwhile, I have been working on a freelancing basis for a while, and building apps and digital products are what I do these days. I work on android apps and web projects and also collaborate time and code to gain experience.

Other than that I work as a Freelancer, App developer and provide consultancy on various subjects.

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Services That I Provide

As a freelancer, I offer many types of freelancing services. Additionally I also provide online Courses, Consultation and Campaigning Services. Some highlights are:

Online Courses

I provide online courses on various topics, fields and subjects.

Website Development

I provide website development services such as site management, deployment, troubleshooting, debugging etc. 

Advertisements & Campaigning

I work as a publisher and advertiser and offer clients media campaign solutions based on their requirements.


I provide consultation on many active topics like startups, SME online business, Websites, Hosting and Personal Finance.


I organize workshops on trending internet related topics and discussions on Entrepreneurship and Positive Thinking.

App Development

I develop mobile apps for android and windows devices.

To see the list of all the services that I provide

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Need Help With Anything ?

As a Freelancer I can offer you a range of different services, you can go through them and if you are in need of any work to be done, I will be happy to assist you regarding it. 


Customer Reviews

Reviews from people who have either worked or hired me up in past.

Helena Vanelli

If you need a reliable trustworthy computer wiz to sort out any of your technical issues, then I suggest that you contact Ashish. Not only is he very skilled but he is also a very friendly young man.

Nischith Ambekallu

Amazing guy! Cleared all my doubts! Replies are pretty quick. If you want to know something before buying/building a pc, he is the guy!

Carlo Vanelli

Ashish has been blessing for me. I was feeling lost as I had no support. Thanks to him now I’m back on track and feeling very positive about my results. He’s very pleasant to work with and spends all the time that is needed to give you the knowledge you need to become successful. I look forward to learning a lot more from him in the future and hopefully we can form a long-term working relationship!

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