I am Ashish Dungdung.

Currently, I’m a Senior Analyst at Infosys BPM.

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From 2010 to 2021, I worked as a freelancer offering my skills in areas like SaaS Implementation, Digital Media Campaigns, Cloud Cost Optimization & Migration, etc, for a multitude of clients. It was a great run, and as now I’ve joined a formal organization, I rarely take on freelance opportunities. Thank you to all who worked with me and trusted my skills over the years!

Currently other than official work I still have several projects that I’m working on, as I keep on upskilling myself in various tools and stack. I’m quite an ambitious person and a workholic when it comes to things that really excite me up.

I graduated in Computer Science and did Master in Business Administration from IIM Sambalpur, specializing in Finance, IT Ops and Marketing.

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I love to collaborate and make awesome content. Let’s talk!

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More About Ashish


I engage with clients who are small business owners, service providers, companies, and startups.

Outreach & Engagement

I help platform companies in defining the user persona, identifying the target audience, and selecting appropriate channels to engage with them. I enable my clients to amplify the message and maximize outreach.

Research & Analysis

I provide landscape analysis, industry trends, competitive intelligence, technology assessment, vendor evaluation, and strategic advisory to my clients.

Product Management

I can assume the role of a consulting product manager and product owner. From identifying the market opportunity to creating specifications to developing a POC to collaborating with the engineering team, I can manage the entire product lifecycle.


I provide freelancing services to clients and businesses in many domains like Management consulting, Product development, marketing and execution.

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Customer Reviews

If you need a reliable trustworthy computer wiz to sort out any of your technical issues, then I suggest that you contact Ashish. Not only is he very skilled but he is also a very friendly young man.
Helena Vanelli
Fitness Coach, Cyprus
Ashish has been blessing for me. I was feeling lost as I had no support.
Nischith Ambekallu
Tech Enthusiasts
Amazing guy! Cleared my doubts! Replies are pretty quick. If you want to know something before buying/building a pc, he is the guy!
Nischith Ambekallu
Tech Enthusiasts


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Ash Digital Services, New PTN Colony, Sector 6, Rourkela, Odisha, 769002

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