This is where I’m meant to share all the awesome stuff I’ve done so I sound super impressive, and give you a reason to feel you should read listen to what I have to say, since clearly my achievements demand that.


Here’s the short version.

I’m the first son of my family who make me laugh, cry, hope, fear, anticipate, and cherish every single day. Who supports me in more ways than they can ever know, and who I could never repay if I lived a thousand years.

While I used to write about marketing and social media and where we’re heading, today I write about what it means to be good people. How we can tell better stories; be better businesses, and live better lives.

Oh, and I do WordPress and marketing stuff, too.

I hope you enjoy your time here. And if you want the typical boring About Me stuff, you’ll find it down below.

Boring Professional Stuff

I feel bit lazy to update it, but will do in sometime

Notable Mentions and Awards:

Currently None, but hoping to get some.