my Approach

As a Freelancer, the nature of my work is like water. Ever changing its shape as required by the container. Hence to meet the necessities of my clients and their projects, I strive to shape myself accordingly to find the best approach and measures while working on jobs assigned to me. From small projects to the big ones, I try to make sure your work is completed on time and without any problems.
— I go by ” Quality work for Quality Compensation”.
The Ultra Reasonable Freelancer For Ultra Reasonable Clients! 🙂

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MY services

Website Development

I provide website development services such as site management, deployment, troubleshooting, debugging and backup etc.

WordPress Support

Presenting WordPress Support and Services from simple initial deployments, configurations to complex problems resolution.

Domain Support

Domain related support services such as Domain transfer, domain security and others.

Hosting Support

Troubling with hosting or want to get your site online. That comes under hosting.

Advertisements & Campaigning

This covers projects related to advertisements on various platforms like Facebook and Google AdWords.


Require Specific Consultation on various topics. I provide consultation on wide range on fields and subjects.

Remote PC Diagnosis

Facing Problems with your computer, take on remote diagnosis for help.

Virus & Malware Removal

Troubled with Security Risk on Your Personal Computers ? This service deals with that.


# Upcoming Services


Conducting Group Workshops on various niches.

App development

App Development services for mobile applications.
#IOT comming soon.

Management Services

I provide management services for managing web properties, server, social channels and many others.

Custom Application Deployments

Deployment of Custom Applications, Scripts, Code and Other Stuff.

Custom Services

Tweaked by Client Needs, I also provide custom services from time to time.

Collective Services

This covers many ranges of services all together.

MY expertise

Server Application Deployment

My best experties lies in deploying WordPress based sites, Custom Scripts, EasyEngine, Server Configurations, Troubleshooting, Application Cum Server Implementation Consultation.

Advertisements and Campaigns

I’ve over 4 years of experience in lead management, affiliating and social media advertisements campaigns.

Building WEbsites

I’ve been building websites from 2013. Have experience with most common CMS’s out there. My favorites is WordPress for Websites, WooCommerce For Shopping and For Forums its Discourse.

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