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What Is Heleum?

Heleum is an automated app that grows your money over the long-term by letting it float into rising currencies. First, you create and add money to an account on Uphold.com. Uphold is an online wallet that helps you store your money in many different currencies. Then, you allow Heleum to access your account. Heleum will instruct Uphold to trade bits of your money into other currencies. Heleum later converts your money back into dollars, plus whatever gains it has earned for you.


  • 100% automated and easy
  • Top national & crypto currencies
  • $5 minimum, no maximum

How does Heleum Actually Work and Earn Money for You?

    • Heleum divides and launches a user’s available funds into “balloons.”
    • Heleum watches the exchange rates between currencies and moves the funds inside a balloon when it’s most advantageous.
    • When it becomes most advantageous to move back to the base currency, this forces the balloon to “pop” and realize the overall gain.
    • Balloons will normally pop within 1-3 months at gains above 2%.
    • Instead of exchanging in regular binary pairs (eg. US dollar to British pound, and back to US dollar), your funds follow paths like: US dollar to bitcoin to euro to litecoin to bitcoin, and back to US dollar, with relative gains at each step.
    • You can withdraw funds any time. Withdrawing funds before balloons are popped will return funds from the currently highest floating balloon first, but may also prevent a balloon from achieving its goal of, at minimum, a 2% gain. It may even force a loss from the lowest currently floating balloons.

Which currencies does Heleum Support?

Supported Heleum Currencies

The top-tier

The US Dollar, Euro, and British Pound Sterling make up the majority of global currency trading volume.


Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and DASH are four of the top cryptocurrencies. With record growth in recent months and years of strong volatility, these new currencies mark a change in the future of money and financial services.

National currencies

Six more of the top-traded and used currencies worldwide round off our list and make it easy for balloons to protect their gains.

Here’s how to get started with Heleum and Earn from Investments

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