Payment options

As I carter and provide services to people over the globe and from different regions and countries. It’s important for me to follow various rules and regulations based on the host country and pay appropriate taxes and charges. Additionally, there are several service taxes and fees for various platforms that are needed to be paid for receiving, remitting or accepting payments. This is indeed passed onto the customer to a bare minimum keeping in mind the original value of the product and service.

You can purchase services on our website with the following payment methods

We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Diners Club International, American Express. This payment method speeds up the ordering process. On you can also use the main prepaid credit cards. is aware of the confidentiality and security of information transmitted via web: we use TLS transfer protocol. Information and the parameters passed through the customer’s browser are encrypted. All the data entered during the procedure, including those related to credit cards, come to the server in the form of encrypted information.

PayPal is a safe, simple and easy-to-use payment system that allows to pay online in a really safe way. By using PayPal you don’t need to enter any details during the payment: in this way, you will prevent others from seeing them! PayPal is extremely easy to use: you just have to select it during the payment choosing to pay by credit card, bank account or your PayPal personal account. PayPal is also quick and convenient: it allows you to pay online using only your email address and password, without wasting time typing credit card numbers every time.

Paypal users who wish to pay directly or manually use this link:
Before using this kindly contact me first as there are additional taxes and charges applicable.
This will be mentioned and calculated on the invoice.

Transferwise РTransferwise as it has less post-payment and processing charges which I gradually pass on to my customers.

Payment by credit card is highly recommended in case of renewal of domains or products closer to the deadline: it guarantees that the renewal process occurs in real-time, eliminating the risk that the product runs out while waiting to rejoin the payment to the order.

For any issues related to payments, kindly contact us by dropping an email through the contact page.

Indian Users:

You can pay with UPI (apps like Tez, PhonePay, BHIM or any other UPI App).
Other than it; you can also pay via NEFT, IMPS; however to get the credentials contact me first.
Hence I prefer UPI; as its the fastest method of payment right now in India; without any service charge.
Though gradually you’ll still receive an invoice.