How to Pay?

As I carter and provide services to people over the globe and from different regions and countries. It’s important for me to follow various rules and regulations based on the host country and pay appropriate tax and charges. Additionally, there are several service tax and fees for various platforms that are needed to be paid for receiving, remitting or accepting payments. This is indeed passed onto the customer to a bare minimum keeping in mind of the original value of the product and service.3
Below is the payment Methods that are available.

Indian Users:

You can pay with UPI (apps like Tez, PhonePay, BHIM or any other UPI App.
Other than it; you can also pay via NEFT, IMPS; however to get the credentials contact me first.
Hence I prefer UPI; as its the fastest method of payment right now in India; without any service charge.
Though gradually you’ll still receive an invoice.

For International Users:

Payment Modes: Paypal, Transferwise (Preferred)
You can pay me via Paypal, Transferwise or any other remittance Service.
However, I prefer Transferwise as it has less post payment and processing charges which I gradually pass on to my customers.
For dedicated Paypal users please use this link:
and enter the specified amount. Kindly contact me first as there are additional taxes and charges applicable.
This will be mentioned and calculated on the invoice.
Additionally, there are various methods which can be followed to lower the service and transaction charges for the international customers.
The same can be tried if the customer requires and specifically asks for it.
Example: Paypal users can use transferwise to save on Processing Fees.
You can also contact me for further details on Email or my Facebook page.
For priority customer, Skype is preferred.
*Priority: Those who have already paid up more than 500 Euros.
After payment, please send a message as soon as possible, preferably to my Facebook Page over email. However, I keep checking my emails every hour and then.
For any assistance related to queries related to payments; kindly contact me so that I could help you out.