CyberGhost VPN Review

CyberGhost VPN Review 2016

While there are plenty of other VPN services on the market that offers both a paid and free version of its software, I liked CyberGhost VPN. Therefore I have put my review based on my personal usage of CyberGhost VPN.

What is a VPN and How VPN Services Work

Your computer has an IP address assigned by your ISP which can be used to figure out the geographic location of your ISP’s data center. For many of us, it’s pretty close to our actual geographic location. If you are concerned about increasing government surveillance or want to foil aggressive advertising, you may want to change your IP address so that it will be harder to trace your online activity. Or you may be trying to access a service that is restricted by geographic region. CyberGhost VPN lets you “change” your geographic location by overriding the IP address assigned by your ISP with one drawn from its pool of servers. I used CyberGhost VPN to connect to both US-based as well as international—well, European—servers.
Even if you are not trying to hide your location, using a VPN service makes a lot of sense because it encrypts all online traffic and ensures data remains hidden from third parties when on an open wireless network. When I looked at the network traffic via Wireshark, I saw my online traffic was encrypted. Like other VPN services, CyberGhost VPN is not intended to replace my corporate VPN to access work-related applications, but it is useful for protecting my overall online activity.

About CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN  is a personal VPN service that is easy to use, hides your online activity from eavesdroppers, and allows you to spoof your IP address to view content that is restricted to a certain geographic location.
If you are looking for a web proxy that has an easy-to-use platform, CyberGhost is one of the top options. CyberGhost has 511 servers is 30 different locations, giving you some flexibility in choosing your server based on your usage needs.

What does the company Behind CyberGhost Say’s

CyberGhost takes care of your unmistakable IP address and changes it from a license plate, which can clearly identify you to every website operator as well as to your provider, to just a piece of metal you share with thousands of other internet users. No spying eye will be able to tell you from surfers, who hit the internet at the same time as you: You are anonymized! Or cyber-ghosted, as we like to say.
Once ghosted, you can roam the internet freely and uncensored, visit geo-restricted websites, watch blocked videos and investigate all topics of interest unhindered from your government, your school, your university or your employer. A simple example: If a content item, like a music video clip, is not available in your country, just log in to one of our outside-your-country servers and virtually become an inhabitant of the respective nation. It’s just as easy as that.
CyberGhost VPN not only provides you with anonymity. It encodes all data leaving your computer as well. You can look at your connection between your system and the CyberGhost network as a tunnel with unbreakable solid walls, which hides all your data from spying eyes on public WLANs, hot spots, and internet cafés. And CyberGhost does not only concentrate on your browser; all web applications will be secured this way. It’s nearly like walking invisible through Central Park at midnight, with your wallet wide open, and nothing will harm you. Cause nobody sees you!
Editor’s Note: This information was taken directly from the manufacturer’s website. I will get in depth below. So keep on Reading :)!


The software is easy to install, and if you need help, an installation guide is available on the service’s website. The user dashboard is exceptionally easy to use and one of the most user-friendly dashboards available on the lineup. You can run five devices simultaneously on one account, which means you can keep your household computers and mobile devices safe from prying eyes.
While this company keeps some logs, it does not log your personal data. CyberGhost separates your usage from personal data, so your browsing cannot be connected back to you. This IP proxy does keep logs on overall data usage for the servers to measure server quality and schedule maintenance or improvements.


Help and support from CyberGhost are about average. While the company lacks live chat and 24/7 support, it does have a knowledge base with a problem-solver tool that helps you analyze and solve your problems with the platform.
The company requests that you use this tool before trying to contact customer support. It is a good thing this feature is available since, in our trials, we found email support to be slow to respond. When you need help and answers regarding your proxy services, waiting is not usually an option.

Technology (Security & Privacy)

This service uses some of the best proxy tunneling protocols on the market: PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN. It also uses 256-bit encryption. This encryption bit is one of the most secure and one that even the government uses for its classified documents. Surprisingly, this IP proxy does not use SSL or TSL as part of its security system but instead uses its technique called Anti-Fingerprinting. While Anti-Fingerprinting provides security, it is not an industry standard security feature that has repeatedly been proven to work.


Price0$ or Free5.83$9.16$
Servers Few Number of Servers More than 600 servers. More than 600 servers
Multi LoginNoYes, Only for 1 Mobile Device and DesktopYes,
Simultaneous usage on up to 5 devices
Money Back GuaranteeN/AYesYes
Encryption Level256bit256bit256bit
BandwidthVery LimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
CyberGhost is unusual in offering a completely payment-free version of its VPN, which it maintains with the income from Premium subscriptions. The free plan gives effectively unlimited use of the VPN, but only to a limited number of servers and countries, and is subject to restrictions such as queues at busy times and a blanket prohibition on torrenting.
Premium removes these restrictions and grants access to more servers – at the time of writing, over 550 in 30 countries – and faster speeds. Upgrading further to Premium Plus allows you to use your Premium account on more than one device at a time.
Yearly subscriptions come with a 30-day money back guarantee, while monthly subscribers have 14 days to change their minds and get a full refund.

The Process

Signing Up

Free users can get started with CyberGhost simply by downloading the client – no registration is required. For the premium service, users must register with an anonymous username and password. No personal information is collected at this stage.

The Windows VPN client

The client is a small download that’s quick and easy to install. Once set up, users are presented with a window showing a map with a big orange button. Basic usage couldn’t be easier. Just click the orange button to turn the VPN service on or off, then watch the location pin fly across the map to illustrate the server’s location. Simple menus on either side of the button allow selection of specific countries and IP addresses. Links at the top enable access to a simple options menu and account controls, as well as an upgrade link for free users.
As the client’s interface is based on an Internet Explorer page, it can sometimes feel a little slow to respond. It would be great if a little more feedback was offered as to what’s going on behind the scenes, but overall the effect is friendly, easy-to-use and professional.

Performance (Speed, DNS, and IP Test)

Speed tests returned pretty good results even on the free service, far exceeding not only the 1 Mbps target speed stated for the free service, but even the 6 Mbps target for Premium users. The unfortunate exception to this – even on Premium – was finding the occasional server with appalling performance, forcing users to reconnect to a different IP on the server list manually. In general, though, performance on Premium was impressive, with it common to experience a mere 15% drop in our 30 Mbps maximum downstream when connected to the VPN.
Speeds over L2TP and PPTP were less exciting, with the best rate we experienced being a little under 3 Mbps, and the UK server is limiting to a barely usable 1 Mbps.
DNS and IP tests showed no concerns, and it’s worth mentioning that the CyberGhost client performs an anonymity check every time it connects; if the test fails, the connection is automatically reset. Likewise, if the connection to the VPN servers is interrupted for any reason, CyberGhost automatically locks out the user’s internet connection to prevent accidental insecure web use. In our experience, this is more likely to happen as a result of an interruption of the user’s internet connection, as our connections to CyberGhost’s servers was always rocked solid during testing. It’s also worth a mention that CyberGhost’s service does aim to obscure WebRTC location requests for Firefox and Chrome, though they still recommend users install a plugin to fix the problem at the client end.

What you can expect from CyberGhost

The user interface of CyberGhost VPN is really simple and most probably anyone can use it very easily. The pricing plans are okay, but I expected to have more servers and in more countries as you can get the same with other VPN’s. However, the speed you get from the CyberGhost’s Servers are quite good and it won’t let your internet connection suffer.
I downloaded and launched the client software directly from the CyberGhost website, which installed both the client and  OpenVPN’s TAP-Win32 adapter onto my test machine. I liked the fact that I could use the service right away without creating an account. The account is necessary for the paid version in order to manage multiple devices and access OpenVPN, PPTP and IPSec VPN settings but not needed for the free version.

CyberGhost Review Conclusion

What I liked

  • Completely free VPN service that worked very well.
  • Plenty of high-speed servers, even on free.
  • Plenty of choice for the country, IP address, and protocol.
  • With a Premium upgrade, it’s still one of the cheapest VPNs out there.
  • Good looking and easy-to-use clients for all major platforms.
  • No logs or user details kept, and a strong commitment to transparency.
  • Strong encryption and good failsafe.

What I wasn’t so sure about

  • Service quality can vary dramatically between servers.
  • Can’t use SMTP servers to send emails while connected, unless configured manually.
  • Some ISPs, websites, and apps reportedly block CyberGhost IPs (though we didn’t encounter any that did).

What I hated

  • Probably As per pricing, there are other VPN’s with a large number of servers in more countries.


This easy-to-install proxy browsing service lets you surf anonymously while protecting your data and identity. It comes with a problem-solver tool and effective tunneling protocols. CyberGhost VPN does a good job keeping your online interactions safe and anonymous.

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