Root Xiaomi Mi4i

This is a very simple tutorial by which you can easily root your Xaiomi Mi4i Phone. You will need to enable developer option and have to follow some simple steps.

Hey there! In this tutorial, I will teach you how to root your Xiaomi Mi4i mobile device quickly and easily.
It’s easy to root your Mi device; here I will be sharing various methods by which you can root your Xiaomi Mi4i device.

Method 1:

For rooting in this method, we will be using:

Mi4i Toolkit V4

This tool looks something like this.

Features of Mi4i Toolkit v4:

  1. Full root Mi 4i phone
  2. Flash custom recovery, the TWRP v2.8.6.0
  3. Backup Mi 4i IMEI
  4. Restored Mi 4i IMEI
  5. Flash to Xiaomi Stock Recovery back

This tool is to be used in Windows Platform only.

Some of the users had problems unzipping this ZIP with WinRAR, consider using free alternatives such as 7-zip.
Version 4: Download Mi4i Toolkit v4 (Please use this download as it is the latest version)
Version 3: Download Mi4i Toolkit v3
Steps you Have to follow to root your device.

1. Enable Developer Options (Tap MIUI version 7 times in About Phone), and then in Developer Options, enable USB debugging.
2. Have you downloaded the ZIP? No? Download it, now.
3. Extract the downloaded ZIP wherever you like, keep in mind that all files must be kept together.
4. Connect your phone to the PC.
5. Run the Start.bat file without administrative privileges.
6. Enter ” 1 ” and press Enter key, after you will receive a notification on your phone asking for computer access, select ” always allow ” and select OK.

7. It will take some time to complete the process and after the process completes you will see ” Press Any Key to Exit in the command prompt .”
8. Press any key to exit the command prompt.
9. When you see your phone, you will notice that you are still in Fast Boot Mode.
10. Now disconnect your phone with you PC ( Unplug the USB ).
11. Your cell will restart now with SuperSu installed, and you will have root access now.

Methods 2:

Using TWRP and Super SU

Are you confused about how to root again after the latest update?
Or Don’t know how to unroot again to flash stock OTA updates?
Why so?
P.S. Rooting procedure will be the same after any OTA update. You just need to follow it again.
I have tried here to make this process as simple as I can.
Although using Root Tool Package is also a good thing it doesn’t provide any option to Hotboot twrp recovery rather than flashing it.
[ Requirements ]
1. Mi 4i handset & PC/Laptop with USB drivers & adb+fastboot installed. (Don’t have? Take them from here)
2. TWRP Recovery
3. Latest

[ Prerequisites ]
Please Enable USB Debugging – On your phone go to Settings > About phone > Tap on MIUI Version several times.
This will enable Developer options. Now go back to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options > Enable USB debugging.
[ How to Root ]
1. Put in the internal memory of your handset.
2. Reboot into bootloader/fast boot mode by
Switch off the phone. Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button and turn on the handset.
3. Now open the folder in which you have the TWRP recovery image file. Press and hold SHIFT key, and press right click button and select Open command window here.
[ Now you have two sub-methods: ]

(1) Temporary Recovery Method: In this method, the recovery will not be flashed, i.e. This will not replace your stock recovery.
Copy this line and paste it in the command prompt by right click and select paste.

  • Fast boot boot twrp.img
  • Wait some seconds. The device will now restart into recovery.
  • Select install update from zipping and choose from your sd card.
  • Finally, restart the device and enjoy root.

(2) Permanent Recovery Method: In this method the recovery will be flashed on your existing stock recovery, i.e. This will replace your stock recovery.
Copy this line and paste it in the command prompt by right click and select paste.

  • Fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
  • Unplug the USB cable and start the device into recovery mode by:
    Press and hold Volume UP + Power on button.
  • Wait some seconds. The device will now start into recovery.
  • Select install update from zip and choose from your sd card.
  • Finally, restart the device and enjoy root.

[ Already Rooted ??? Just want to have TWRP recovery ??? ]
Visit [APP][4.0+][ROOT] Flashify and use this app to flash easily and backup your stuff!
Thanks cgollner for this excellent application.
[ Finally, How to Unroot ]
1. Open SuperSu app on your device.

2. Go to Settings
3. Select Full UnRoot.
You are fully unrooted now.

Meanwhile, you can also try other methods available. There are also many one click applications to root Android devices; you can also rely on them for your rooting needs.
Thanks for following up this tutorial, if you have any doubts or require help, ask me in the comments below.