How to extend BSNL Evdo Validity ?

Extend Your BSNL CDMA or BSNL EVDO Validity

In this article, I will tell you how to extend your BSNL CDMA or BSNL EVDO validity of a prepaid connection for 180 days.
There are two possible ways to extend the validity of your EVDO connection. Both will require you to recharge your BSNL CDMA prepaid number that is used for your EVDO connection.
The amount required to increase the validity period your-your BSNL CDMA is Rs. 20/. By which the validity of your BSNL CDMA prepaid number will increase by 180 days.
You will be required to recharge an STV (Special Tariff Voucher) of Rs 2o.
Please bear in mind that STV Recharges are different from normal balance top up recharges.
As Top up recharges are used to increase your prepaid balance whereas STV (Special Tariff Vouchers) are used for implementing special plans.
You can recharge your BSNL CDMA/EVDO prepaid number by both offline or online method.
In the offline method, you can go to any recharge agent and ask him to do an STV Recharge of Rs 20 to your BSNL CDMA/EVDO number.
In the online method, you can go to any recharge website and initiate an STV Recharge of Rs 20.
Note that not all recharge websites support recharging a BSNL CDMA/EVDO Number. I don’t know why but it might be because of some typical reason.
Hence I am listing those site with which the success rate of BSNL CDMA/EVDO Recharge is pretty high.

  • Paytm
  • Overcharge
  • Mobikwik
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