The most important thing for getting hired by customers is promptness and understanding their needs.

Then once you’re hired; delivering quality product or service that they are seeking and paying you for.


To get a better idea of what I can do, visit my “Services” page to see the services I provide. You can also see testimonials/reviews page to see REAL examples of the concrete results I’ve helped my clients achieve. You can also browse through my¬†website for more on what services and stuff that I provide or do.

If you’d like me to help your business, website or any other task you should know:

Some of my current awesome clients keep me quite busy, so I never take on new clients without extremely thorough screening. Oftentimes, the only way for me to take on a new client is to first meet all my commitments and then end a relationship with an existing client to make room in my schedule.

Due to the number of inquiries I get, it’s impossible for me to respond to everyone. Because of this, I may decline any “messages” that doesn’t describe the job well.

For the best chances of a response, please take your time in writing a personalized message that explains why you think we’d be a good fit to work together. What is exciting about your company or project that you’re working on? How do you see me contributing? Please be as specific as possible — it makes a difference.

Still with me? Then fill out the form below with the subject and description of the job and click on the ‘send’ button and let’s talk.


Use this contact form to submit your query for the work that you require. You can expect a reply within few hours.

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