5 ways to keep your pets cool and comfy this summer
Source: Quick up
It is important to take care of your dogs during Summers. Summers is a tough time for pets. It is not uncommon for your pets to suffer a heatstroke or get dehydrated.
Here are simple tricks and care to keep your pets stay cool and comfy in summers. I have mentioned things related to dogs here, but this can be applied to different kinds of pets.

1) Never leave your dog in closed car

Don't Leave your dogs in closed cars
During summers cars get hot quick if parked under the sun. Never make the mistake of leaving your dog in the car with closed doors and windows.

2) Limit exercise on hot days

Limit exercise
This one is tricky. A dog needs his daily walk and exercise. Sitting idly in the house all day is a bit trying for these animals. However, you can adjust the duration and intensity of their training. On scorching and humid days, try to take him for his daily walk and exercise during early morning or late evening hours.

3) Get your dog for a swim

Dogs are excellent swimmers. Next time you head for your swim, get your dog along. Or if you don’t have a doggy pool nearby, buy a large sized tub and let him cool off.

4) Keep a watch on their diet

Watch his food
Limit their protein takes in summers. Since, they are not going to get much workout and exercise this summer, it’s important to keep a watch on their protein intake. Make sure it has access to fresh water at all times to keep them hydrated during summer.

5) Groom your dogs


If your dog has a thick coat, talk to your veterinarian and consider clipping or shaving to keep their body light, if it’s appropriate for your pet. You can also consult the vet to recommend an apt sunscreen for your dog’s skin if she or he has a thin coat.

Take could care of your pets, they are really our best-est of friends.