New Look, Interface and Tools; Avast 2016 is here.

Today I updated Avast Antivirus Internet Security, and much to my surprise a lot of things have changed around after the update.
The current program version is 11.1.2241 as seen on the about page section of Avast in the settings section. I updated it on 8th of November.
The new Avast 2016 for PC and Mac, the redesigned Avast Mobile Security, and the new kid on the block, Avast SecureMe, will all help reduce the complex task of protecting your private, personal information.

Now think about all the private information that you have on those devices. Bank account numbers, passwords, photos, messages and emails – all of them needing some form of protection to stay out of the wrong hands.
In a survey we did this year, 69% of you told us that your biggest fear is that the wrong person would see your personal information. In fact, Americans are so scared of having their financial information get into a bad guy’s possession, that 74% said they’d rather have nude photos of themselves leaked on the Internet! The problem is that most people are not doing anything to protect their privacy, for example, 40% of Americans don’t even lock their smartphones.
“While people are rightfully concerned about privacy, there is a disconnect between that concern and the steps they take to protect themselves,” said Vince Steckler, chief executive officer of Avast. “Users have a multitude of devices and passwords to keep track of, which can be overwhelming. When users feel overwhelmed, they tend to default to unsafe practices that put their privacy at risk.”


After doing the update.
The new look is sleek, simple and fast.

Passwords have been Introduced as a new addition to tools in Avast.

Along with the new interface threat notifications box is also updated now, and now it looks much more simple and lightweight.

Overall the update and new features have been really great. I personally use and recommended using Avast.
Avast 2016 for PC and Mac is now available for download at


Where can you get the new Avast security products?

  • Avast 2016 for PC and Mac is now available for download at
  • Avast 2016’s Avast Passwords feature is now available for PC, Android and iOS, and will soon be available for Mac.
  • The new Avast Mobile Security app can be found in the Google Play Store. (still in beta; final version available soon!)
  • Avast SecureMe will soon be available on the Apple App Store.