This article concentrates of on how to download and install Visual Studio Community 2015 with Update 2.

I will guide you how to download Visual Studio Community from the official Microsoft Website. It’s always a better idea to keep visual studio updated, as it bring’s many updates and fixes to bugs in the previous build. Sometimes major updates even bring up huge performance boost.
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Visual Studio Community 2015 with Update 1 is a free, fully featured, and extensible IDE for individual developers, open source projects, academic research, education, and small professional teams. Create applications for Windows, Android, and iOS as well as web applications and cloud services. Build apps for any platform. Use designers, editors, debuggers, and profilers in a single tool. Access thousands of extensions and more.
When visiting Microsoft website to download VS 2015, you can download a file of a few MB in size to install Visual Studio. When you open the file, it acquires the files necessary from the internet, but you can not choose where these files are stored.
This tutorial will teach you how you can download the entire installation of Visual Studio 2015 to perform an offline installation. For example, for multiple machines.

Know this that even if you download the ISO files, there will be lots of stuff not included in the installer which requires connection to the internet when installing, for example:

  • Emulators for Windows Mobile
  • Windows 10 SDK
  • Tools for Windows 10 Universal Apps
  • GitHub Extension for Visual Studio and Git CLI
  • C#/.NET Xamarin
  • Visual C++ Mobile Development (iOS support)
  • Joyent Node.js
  • Java SE Development Kit
  • Android SDK, NDK, and emulator

Perhaps some of them are not possible to include, but it is annoying nonetheless.

Let us continue toward downloading the ISO file.
You can download ISO images from here.
Steps :
Select Visual Studio 2015 -> Visual Studio Community Edition RC 2015 and choose ISO as download format.

Note: With the ISO version you still need the internet connection to be able to install ALL the features.
As of right now, The versions come with an update leading to the size of iso to be about 5.7 GB. I would recommend using a download manager like Internet Download Manger to download the iso with the highest connection settings with default max number of connections set to 32. It will help if you have a fast connection to download it very quickly.

By the way, you can also download the ISO image from Microsoft Download Center.
The SHA-1 values, in order to verify the integrity of the downloaded file, can be found here, Verify SHA-1 Values.

Thank you for checking out this tutorial, hope you found it useful.