Happy New Year To Everyone

Here’s to New Beginnings..
Happy New Year!


^ ^
“May the New Year be Filled with abundance and happiness for you and your family.”

I know am wishing late; and apologies for that.
However, I wish you all have a really great year ahead.

Whats Up with Me Lately?

I had been really busy as my colleges have resumed.
These days I’ve really long classes and there quite amount of work that has been keeping me busy. 
Cat heavy Breathing
Well, I’m trying to keep up with things.
Most time I used to get quite tired last year due to a strict schedule, but hey I quite did not miss those long nap’s ;).
All over, Last year was pretty decent, but according to me, I wasn’t fully able to cope up with many things, putting out many things for later. 
Both in terms of work and personal life. :3

Plans for this Year

This year, I will be dedicated more to my studies and education. 
I have prepared a quite strict schedule for myself; so that I could get adequate rest and personal time for myself.
Still, I would have adequate time to gain more skills and to learn new stuff. 
About the education side; For I while I had been compromising bit by bit onto it; but slowly I’m losing my grasp. Hence its important for me to actively take part in studies more to keep things balanced.

When it comes to work, I intend to scale up with freelancing and other projects
Keeping various factors in mind this year; I’ll be increasing prices for most of the freelancing services that I provide.
Though it won’t be a big increment; it still will be lesser to the market standard.

About taking in new students, I will be very thorough with screening and will only take students who are really interested in learning something.
All this while I’ve helped many businesses, young startups, and individuals through my courses, consultation, and bits of advice.
I’ve been getting quite positive feedbacks hence I intend to keep on improving the knowledge I share.
For now, I intend to share about my plans till this. I’ve been preparing a roadmap that covers all the major plans, projects and information for this year; which will be coming up in a separate post; stay tuned for that. 

To All Those Supported Me So Far – I really Thank Each and Every One

I’m really grateful to all the people in my life so far; who have supported me, corrected me, help me out with things and so many other stuff.
Without such care and affection, I would have never have been able to come so far.

I also thank all my clients, students, acquaintances and peers. Because you people I was able to scale up, experience new things and learn new skills.

So Far I had a great start this year, hope you all too have a good New Year. Stay Bless and Live Well People.

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