Twenty Seventeen – Year Review with mixed feelings

Twenty Seventeen Year Review – A year That Taught me about How important it is to communicate well with others around me.

Greetings everyone! 🙂 ^^
Today we finally arrive at the end of this year “2017”.
I became 21 this year and it definitely has been a rough year for me.
You see many things happened, both good and bad; and it was tough to handle everything.
Glad there were people for me, my family, friends, and peers; who helped me all the way; and it’s because of them I make it through.
This year I learned a very important lesson as I see that a lot of people struggle with it:
Communication and Interaction“.
No wonder how strong, smart, intellect or skillful you are; no one should stay alone. We are such being that needs to socialize with each other;
though you might think that why there’s a need be social and communicative; when you can do things on your own; know this: Its better being with someone
in your bad and good, than to be lonesome when you’re are masterful.

Cause we are such that we subconsciously carve for care and attention to sustain and survive.

Why am telling this? Due to my work, I stay at home a lot, and because of it; I hardly get any time for socializing in any way. I didn’t consider it first, but being alone or being a person who doesn’t interact with others for a long time; becomes a toll.
You will not realize that at the start; and obviously not everyone is that way, but it’s not just about for those who stay at home; people need to interact and convey their thoughts and emotions to people whom they need to convey.
So if you are bad with communicating or interacting with others; this new year might be an opportunity to set start this and learn something which will be really useful.

I wonder how did you all Celebrate this Christmas and Last Day of 2017?
This time there were fewer marriages post-Christmas and I decided to visit only a few.
Plus I remained mostly a home; enjoying my long-awaited vacation. I have made reservations to spend quality times with close friends and it was a blast.
31st of December was really good and some days prior to it too.  2017 was indeed a tiring year.
I thank all those whose who supported me, my clients for effectively providing me with work and my readers and subscribers.
Hope I was able to support and provide solutions to your needs.
And to others, I hope they too had a good year.

My plans for next year?

I’m preparing roadmap or a to-do list; which can be in one of my upcoming articles which will be solely about that.

Well as I took a mini vacation; I was tending to only fewer people. So post 2nd Jan; I’ll be resuming the courses and other services.
To bring you the news I will be providing new offers on services and other stuff again.
You can check the offer pages.

Overall it was a year of mixed emotions. Good and bad; both stuff happened; I hope I stay strong and with it I look into the upcoming year.

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