IIM Sambalpur Finally Got its New Official Logo

It has been almost a year in IIM Sambalpur and the journey was really challenging. 

One thing I hadn’t seen at my college was a dedicated logo, the previous was just too simplistic and I felt it was hurriedly made. It is important to have a logo which has its own significance.

With the official logo of IIM Sambalpur, a bold graphic depiction of the three fundamental values — innovation, integrity and inclusiveness portrayed by the three white squares and resonating in the sanskrit sloka — नवसर्जनम् शुचिता समावेशत्वम् ; I believe it is indeed great.

The overlaying shapes reflecting the local context and the ideals of rigour, bigotry and humanity, taking the cue from the world famous Sambalpuri woven ikat-motivs. The three actors — the institutes, business and community — are made up of three equal square elements. The geometric icon evokes a feeling of openess, creativity and innovatie leadership.

To put it another way, because it is known a new  IIM, there are definitely many obstacles and challenges that we all come across but it is imperative that we as IIM Sambalpur are growing rapidly.

IIM sambalpur new logo
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