IIM Sambalpur finally has its own Official Logo

IIM Sambalpur Finally Got its New Official Logo It has been almost a year in IIM Sambalpur and the journey was really challenging.  One thing I hadn’t seen at my college was a dedicated logo, the previous was just too simplistic and I felt it was hurriedly made. It is important to have a logo which has its own significance. With the official logo of IIM Sambalpur, a bold graphic depiction of the three fundamental values — innovation, integrity and inclusiveness portrayed by the three white squares and resonating in the sanskrit sloka — नवसर्जनम् शुचिता समावेशत्वम् ; I believe it is indeed great. The overlaying shapes reflecting the local context and the ideals of rigour, bigotry and humanity, taking the … Read More!

IIM Sambalpur Internet Experience

If you’re wondering about the internet speed at IIM Sambalpur, you have come to the right place. I’ve shared my personal and genuine experience of the internet at IIM Sambalpur, obviously no sugar coating. When I made into Indian Insitute of Management Sambalpur, quite a few of my acquaintances asked me whats the internet like … Read More!