What is the life of an average person in India?

What you do consider the life of an Average person or average guy to be, how many have you think that you’re an average person?

I’ve something funny to share with you all.

In India majority of people really live a simple life. An average person here in India is someone who has a simple job, with a normal salary, a normal family, and a simple life.
However, like in general life isn’t so simple. There will be good and bad moments, and you have to learn to struggle, as life itself is considered as a struggle and death. Live to thrive.

I found this in quora; as you might now, I am a Quora lover, I enjoy seeking answers to many questions that I’m curious about. Its a place where we can get views from people regarding anything from literally any background. A lot of people share their experiences, problems, and solutions. It’s a thriving community.

This is a bit sarcastic yet funny and generalized funny reply to the question ” What is The Life of An Average Person in India”. I really enjoyed it, hope you might it too.

There are a lot of stuff that every person in India can relate to.

Disclaimer: I’m just sharing something that I found on the net. It can or may contain some insensitive opinions, mockery or hate speech. My personal opinion can differ from what others say or have posted already, and that is not procured by me. Kindly ignore it and enjoy reading the article.

” So, The Life of An Average person in India. “

    1. Just born, receives a slap on the butt.
    2. Injections and vaccinations.
    3. Rubs shit on body, stinks.
    4. Sleeps between parents, ruins their sex life.
    5. Thrown into pre-nursery school at the age of 2 years.
    6. School interviews, admission.
    7. Has to carry the load of a bag like a donkey.
    8. Exams, insults, exams, suspension, exam, PTM, tuitions, sports, exams, report cards, exams, warnings, exams, finds the true love of life.
    9. Schooling over, lover finds someone else in new college.
    10. College life, fun, friendships, fests, movies, night outs.
    11. No placement, depression, insults, family pressure.
    12. Placed finally in an average company with an average profile. Takes parents on a pilgrimage.
    13. Purchases Hero Honda Passion, aims for Royal Enfield.
    14. Makes a girlfriend at the office.
    15. Transportation cost 5,000 INR, salary 15,000 INR.
    16. Gets a Blackberry from Company, happy but regrets later.
    17. Gets an HP Laptop from Company, happy but regrets later.
    18. Working hours, all day, all night except 2 to 5 am. (Thank you BlackBerry and laptop)
    19. Sends roses by WhatsApp on Valentine’s day.
    20. Dates at chaat Papdi stalls.
    21. Drinks Officer’s Choice whiskey.
    22. Girlfriend marries a rich guy.
    23. Distributes her wedding cards and carries her Doli.
    24. Looks for a bride for an arrange marriage set up.
    25. Rejects a girl.
    26. Girl 2 rejects him.
    27. Girl 3 rejects him.
    28. Girl 4 rejects him.
    29. Goes back to girl 1, Apologises, requests her, makes fake promises, she accepts the proposal.
    30. Marriage Day, falls from the horse in front of InLaws.
    31. Relatives criticise the food at marriage.
    32. Finally, the “night” cums, but he doesn’t.
    33. Goes to a pilgrimage on honeymoon.
    34. Somehow manages a “good news” after repeated trials.
    35. Can’t feed two but waits eagerly for the third.
    36. Wife throws pregnancy tantrums, wants “saffron Jalebi” “foot massage” “get’s easily irritated”
    37. Child is born, brings good luck to the world! promotion in JOB, finally buys a Royal Enfield.
    38. Buys condoms for the first time, father arrives from nowhere in the same medical shop.

      “Bhaiya ye nai 
      Digene maangi thi maine to”(brother not this I asked for Digene)
      Father consoles him and gifts him the packet himself. 


    1. Wife doesn’t work but orders him to share kid’s responsibility.


    1. Sleep’s at 3 am after cleaning shit, condoms expire without usage.


    1. Child goes to an average school, current income 25,000, school fees 6000 per month.


    1. Expenses rise, stops savings for old age.


    1. White hairs start popping out of head, loses hair on Scalp.


    1. Child goes to college.


    1. God gifts Diabetes and Hypertension.


    1. Pops pills after every meal.


    1. Finally buys an Alto car on repeated requests by wife and kid. A day of happiness.


    1. Fuel expenses rise to 20% of total income.


    1. Gets the kid married, spends every coin saved all throughout life.


    1. Kid insults him for not giving a good standard of life.


    1. Still works hard to feed stomach and survive with basic essentials.


    1. Finds a job after retirement as savings are zero.


    1. Kid visits with family on every festival and takes back “sagan” (money-filled envelopes) from him.


    1. Wife does all the household chores at the age of retirement, gets sad looking at her plight.


    1. Finally saves basic essentials and leaves JOB at the age of 75.


    1. Television & medicines become life.


    1. Diseases become friends.


    1. Wishes god for a new life “not as a human” though.


  1. The struggle comes to an end one day, dead face carries a smile of freedom.

Respect them because average people live their life mostly for others!

That was funny yet bit complex wasn’t it.

Well, what I have to say is that no matter what stage you are in now, respect whatever you have. What you see and experience can be taken lightly by yourself.
As not everyone is same, not everyone gets same opportunities. Treat your parents in a good way, even if they did things that you felt wrong, or they were not able to raise you in better
circumstances; but they did what they were capable of. I think once they have done the needful, raising you upto a certain age you should strive out yourself from the care of your parents, and instead return the care with more love and affection.

Keep Struggling and live a good life.

Source: Quora

Credits: Anubhav Jain

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4 years ago

Please give the credits to the original writer. Anubhav Jain from QUORA

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