Bought My First Ride – Pulsar NS200 2017

Epilogue – My Pulsar NS200 – My Dream Bike

So, Finally, I rode this dude home from the showroom. It was my dream to have my own bike. Being a bit self-reliant a big egoistic on a part, I wanted to purchase it myself without any financial help from family or anyone, and I Finally Got it.

My very own Pulsar N200 2017 Laser Edge Edition. Sounds Muscular Right ?

Thanks to my friends for coming with me that day. I was nervous as hell and it proved to be good moral support. It was indeed an interesting experience with you guys around. ( Romanus, Suraj, and Ronald )

A Special Thanks to Mr. Dinesh from RM Bajaj, Rourkela, for helping me out with the Finance part. Financing this bike was a breeze. He made the process very easy for me. First, I was worried that It wouldn’t be financed due to the nature of my work. As you might know or might not, I work as a Freelancer and App Developer, even though I have good regular income; In India, banks and financial institutions still consider a formal job over such kind of employment.

On a serious note that this will gradually change from 2018 onward.

It really helped that I already prepared a good credit history. Knowing things related to Personal Finance is a must these days, when you start building your portfolio in regards to Finance at an early age; things will go smoothly in future as you will start getting better at managing your personal Finances.

So overall everything went awesome. I’m really happy riding the color that I choose; though I wasn’t able to get the black one, you tried your best. As I think White suits me better! 😉

Overall it was learning and important experience.

Something About Pulsar NS200

The Bajaj Pulsar 200NS is a standard or naked motorcycle made by Bajaj Auto.
The NS stands for Naked Sports. The Pulsar 200NS has a single cylinder, four-stroke, triple spark-ignition liquid-cooled engine. It uses a pressed steel perimeter frame and a box section swingarm, an underbelly exhaust, and rear nitrox-charged mono-shock suspension.

Bajaj Auto launched the Pulsar AS 200 in 2015, discontinuing the 200 NS. The company has relaunched the 200 NS in 2017, without the option of ABS. According to many sources, the relaunch of the Pulsar 200 NS will result in the discontinuation of the Pulsar AS 200.

Previous Ride:

I used to ride a Hero Honda Pleasure which was the second vehicle in my house after Hero Honda Splendor which belonged to my dad. I was always a performance junkie and was used to biking thanks to old friends, so that bike never fulfilled it nor the Honda Pleasure.

It was used for short traveling purposes. But never left an opportunity to go on for a long ride on this scooter, considering the small engine.

I rode it for nearly 65000kms in a span of 7 years but never really satisfied the urge for power and speed. It’s a good vehicle and has been with me in tough and good times.
Well hailing from a middle-class family I mostly never urged much for getting a bike.

While most of my friends had already got their bikes from 10th Standard onwards, I was one left without a bike.

It’s not out of the competition that I wished to have this bike but rather this was the only one that intrigued me.

As I said I hail from a mid-class earning family where my dad was is the sole breadwinner until now. It was not that we couldn’t afford one rather it was that I wasn’t interested much during times when I thought about having a bike.

I was waiting, when I’ll get to upgrade myself.


I Booked this Bike on 17th March.

I was waiting for the finance to be approved as I choose the finance route. I wanted to buy this bike myself; without any monetary help from my family or anyone. Hence I was looking for bike loans for a while and prospective lenders who could lend a first-timer borrower like me. Though I did have the required money. What I thought of is taking a Bike loan and using it to build a good credit history. Plus, if possible invest that money to make more out of it.

I had taken loans from NBFC’s, but they were yet to be reported. I have credit cards, and with the help of them, I started building my credit history from 2016.

That helped in the process.

Thanks to HDFC bank for this. They approved my bike loan to my astonishment, gave me a decent interest rate and monthly EMI. The process was hassle-free, and I read out most terms and conditions.
For those who would like to know more about the finance process route that I underwent for applying as a first-time borrower, I will publish another post soon. Stay Tuned.

Then came the excruciating wait! Since it was a Sunday, I was a bit worried. I waited for 3hrs, they called me up and said the bike was ready. I was trembling with happiness!

I have named it ‘White Knight’.

I finally bought and got this bike on 19th March 2017.

My Reviews About Pulsar NS200

Time for a small review of my bike.


  • The best part is the handling, can cut corners with ease
  • Incredible fuel economy. If ridden smooth, you get an average fuel efficiency of 50kmpl and still, after harsh riding, the minimum I’ve achieved is 36kmpl, which is still pretty good.
  • Great Pickup – I usually drive in the range of 45-60Kmph. I’m not in favor of riding at very fast speeds, but when I accelerate I get very quick response pickup, and I love it. Performance! 0-60 in 3.6s and 0-100 in 9.8s. Well, that’s FAST!!
  • The radiator provides sufficient cooling, first in a Bajaj bike!  It has liquid cooling, and a fan turns on when there is too much heat generated.
  • Looks are killer. Ya, some people won’t like it, but for me, it’s a killer!
  • Smooth Gear Shift
  • Comfortable Riding – The riding posture is good and feels comfortable over a long ride.  Comfortable for long rides. No backaches!
  • Bajaj this time opted for MRF tires 🙂


  • No ladies footrest: My mother literally told me what’s the use of buying a bike if it doesn’t have a lady’s footrest 😛 Note: I’ll try to attach one soon!
  • No ABS – I have ridden Bikes with ABS, and this could have been as an add-on or option for NS 200, too; it would have been welcomed as Apache RTR 200 2017.
  • The stock horn is weak – Well, I’m soon going to attach an after-market accessory. – This never happened 😀
  • 2018 versions will be getting single-channel ABS. However, it seems they will be quite pricey.

In the End….

I and White Knight are pals now. Finding me without the bike is a rare case. Owning my dream ride is a totally different context. You can’t explain how happy and crazy you become.

Thank you, everyone, for patiently reading till the end.

Always ride safe, wear a helmet. Happy Riding, Godspeed!

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