Started studying at Government Autonomous College

Most students are at that stage after 12th; when they have to decide what to pursue further.
Which college to go to, which stream to choose from.
Hence I choose Government Autonomous College for doing my Bsc. in Computer Science instead of pursuing Engineering.

Several reasons why I choose this college;

  • I won’t have to pay high college fees.
  • Close to my home
  • Could concentrate on my projects when there is no classes
  • Could give time to self-develop myself.
  • Could plan for things that can actually benefit me in the long-term.
  • Sometimes could bunk classes without Attendance penalty. 😛
    (Please note am not encouraging bunking of classes, I have always maintained good attendance. )

Salient Features which my College offers me:

  • Well furnished classes (especially for my department)
  • Good Computer Lab
  • My teachers and professors are dedicated, they really help and guide us.
  • WiFi ( There is connectable WiFi, however, our department doesn’t have the reach of it yet )

Update: After a year later today is April 26th, 2017. I have bought my first bike through the money earned as an app developer and other things. Have many investments and am collaborating on many projects.
It’s also that the things we are taught these days are not too outdated and do hold value.
One of the best decisions of my life was to give myself time and choose this college. 😛 😉

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