How to Activate a BSNL SIM Card

Activate a BSNL SIM Card

BSNL is one of the largest telecom service providers in India that provides 2G/3G and 4G service in different fields like Data, voice, Broadband, DTH, etc.. Though 4G connectivity is available in few circles by BSNL, most of the people in India are using 3G connectivity which is second fastest cellular technology now.
If you are planning a trip to India for business or leisure, you can purchase a pre-paid SIM card and phone from BSNL to use. BSNL has service all over India, so no matter where you are traveling, you will be able to make calls within the country as needed.

If you took a new BSNL SIM card recently, then it’s time to active it now. You will need to activate your BSNL SIM to be able to use it.

A new BSNL 2G/3G SIM gets initially activated within 24 hours. An initial activation alert SMS will be sent to the alternate mobile no provide by you in the CAF.
After initial activation, the customer needs to dial 1507 for tele-verification of his/her new SIM card. On successful tele-verification, your new BSNL SIM will get activated fully. And now, you can enjoy the service of India’s No.1 telecom company.

Steps to Activate Your BSNL SIM

  • Turn off your cell phone if it is not already powered off.
  • Install the BSNL SIM card in your phone. The SIM card slot is under the battery in the back of the phone.
  • Power on the phone by pressing the “Power/End” button.
  • Now wait for the network.
  • Dial “1507” on the phone to confirm your card, select a language and verify.
  • You will be prompted for Tele-Verification
  • Follow the Tele-verification guide.
  • Done ! Your sim is now activated, and you can start using it.
  • This activates your SIM card with the phone.

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  1. my sim number *****30822, inspite of clearing all dues my sim showing no service. i want to activate my sim. please do the needfull at the earlest. yur customer care does not respnding anything.

  2. After 24hrs while trying to activate its not activating .At the same time saying temporary error ,try again later ?what to do ?

  3. My no 9887109139 bsnl MNP in Rajasthan but I am leaving in Maharashtra so my no verification not complete
    So plz look into this matter

  4. My friend is going to Spiti and has a BSNL sim which is not activated. He is not sure if it is even registered. What should he do?

  5. After a lost handset complaint (with FIR copy)and documents, received a smart SIM instantly from the local office. Network was active, but the moment I want to get in touch with customer care no 1503, the response received is ‘all outgoing calls are barred… contact cc etc’. What to do??

  6. I have taken a new SIM card on Sunday, today i have placed it in mobile Bt it was not activated ,I called to the number 1507 Bt it’s not responding.. What i have to do now?

  7. In my bsnl number ******8120 I used it 2 years. I have main balance. But my out going calls are blocked. In my balance account they shows state -inactive. If I call some one bsnl customer care will say kindly recharge u r account u r plan is expired. Can u help me sir?

  8. My sim is active but call why not go plz solve this problem call not go 1507 network full is here no connection problem
    Mobile number 9489255348

  9. This is mY no 9424803060 is not working properly not taking calls and not forwarding any calls try to help me out from this situation

  10. Greetings,
    I lossed my bsnl Sim, which purchased in Hyderabad using Maharashtra ID proof as Aadhar, currently I was went to bsnl office hyderabad, but they not accepting my complaint, Demanding for local ID proof, Actually I’m from maharashtra but doing job in Hyderabad. How can provide local ID proof, please need helpful for using bsnl services.

  11. i had ported my Mb.No 9844499625 from Idea to BSNL.I had been to BSNL office and got the SIM and they have activated it on Dec 22 2018.My other Service provider had discunnected their service.its been 10 day from now and it is not activated.
    Please check and let me know

  12. I have ported out my number from another provider to BSNL.I don’t remember to fave given an alternate number to customer care while buying the new bsnl sim.Now if my service provider cut off their services in one week and when I insert new bsnl sim hod do I activate the new sim. kindly advise.My phone no is 9946795012.

    • Hello Mathew, Just follow the above steps and its should be activated. If not just contact a nearby BSNL Care Center with your port request id.

  13. I have port my Vodafone sim to BSNL sim
    Now it is not getting activated It is giving full ring and ending with beep dialing on 1507
    What should I do next
    I really did mistake to port my sim why did I come to BSNL.

    • Well, many facing problems while porting. Contact the nearest BSNL Care center, and do a tweet about your case and mobile number to BSNL Twitter Handle. They will help out soon.

  14. सर मैने अपना सिम एयरटेल से port कराया है अब मुझे कितने का रीचार्ज करना है सिम activet करने के लिए

    • Well porting is bit troublesome in BSNL. However contact nearest BSNL Care Center with your Porting request ID, to get it resolved soon. Otherwise tweet your case with your mobile number to BSNL’s handle on Twitter.

  15. I have changed my num from jio network to BSNL network on 10th feb but it dosent activate still now what is problem….i have called to 1507…..while calling 1507 i dosnt responding….what is problem….Only one beep comes & and tha call is automatically rejected

    • Well porting is bit troublesome in BSNL. However contact nearest BSNL Care Center with your Porting request ID, to get it resolved soon. Otherwise tweet your case with your mobile number to BSNL’s handle on Twitter.

  16. Hello my name is Ritesh and I had ported my aircel number to bsnl after porting my number I haven’t recharged my number ones but incoming is active though this number is not required for calling anyone I had not recharged but now I need to recharge this number for porting but I am unable to recharge can you help me please……..

  17. My BSNL sim is deactivated because i didn’t used it from 6months so help me how can i activate it mobile no ,9476929495

  18. Sir my sim no 9412396940 have a lost is my house and I am new duplicate sim le li hai
    But usme abhi network nahi aa raha hai sir G please confirm that you my number is 9412396940
    Sir please reply to this mail sms please urgently sir G

  19. Sir its been 2 weeks that I got my sim but since i went out of station i was not able to go to the store where I get my sim card from. And when I returned back I tried dialing 1507 for tele verification but its not responding..

    • Greetings! It is possible that you application hasn’t been processed yet. Usually retailers collect many applications and send them altogether. It is possible your sim application hasnt been processed yet. Ask the store if he forwarded the sim application or not. If not ,you can get the sim Activated from a BSNL office.
      Or call the customer care with your application number.

  20. Sir i activate sim with verification but their is no response.
    If i call to this number they says that your sim is corrently stop

  21. Sir maine kal do sim li hai ek proof se offer chal raha tha 24 ghante hone ke baad bhi outgoing calls and net nahi chal raha. Meri sim number hai 9478230549 aur 9478244537 ok sir

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