How to Activate a BSNL SIM Card

Activate a BSNL SIM Card

BSNL is one of the largest telecom service providers in India that provides 2G/3G and 4G service in different fields like Data, voice, Broadband, DTH, etc.. Though 4G connectivity is available in few circles by BSNL, most of the people in India are using 3G connectivity which is second fastest cellular technology now.

If you are planning a trip to India for business or leisure, you can purchase a pre-paid SIM card and phone from BSNL to use. BSNL has service all over India, so no matter where you are traveling, you will be able to make calls within the country as needed.

If you took a new BSNL SIM card recently, then it’s time to active it now. You will need to activate your BSNL SIM to be able to use it.

A new BSNL 2G/3G SIM gets initially activated within 24 hours. An initial activation alert SMS will be sent to the alternate mobile no provide by you in the CAF.

After initial activation, the customer needs to dial 1507 for tele-verification of his/her new SIM card. On successful tele-verification, your new BSNL SIM will get activated fully. And now, you can enjoy the service of India’s No.1 telecom company.

Steps to Activate Your BSNL SIM

  • Turn off your cell phone if it is not already powered off.
  • Install the BSNL SIM card in your phone. The SIM card slot is under the battery in the back of the phone.
  • Power on the phone by pressing the “Power/End” button.
  • Now wait for the network.
  • Dial “1507” on the phone to confirm your card, select a language and verify.
  • You will be prompted for Tele-Verification
  • Follow the Tele-verification guide.
  • Done ! Your sim is now activated, and you can start using it.
  • This activates your SIM card with the phone.

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