Forgetting Things!

It’s typical that how humans have such a weak memory, that they have to rely on others to make themselves reminded of something. This was an incident when I forgot something.
I didn’t give a damn about a lot of things. I’m a typical teenager, and not remembering things was one of my usual habits. As I said, this incident is when I forget many important things that I shouldn’t have forgot.
I didn’t imagine that, forgetting silly little things can cause lots of damage.
Wondering what am talking about well, it started with;
First, I had forgotten about my domain renewal which was due this month, and it was April 2015. I had no money in bank account, and I was like completely broke.
To tell you the truth I have had many websites which I continued to run with the money I saved or earned from doing little things back then. That time I was not an app developer, nor a coder nor anything, I simply had few sites of my own which I bought secretly for fun.
I was much inexperienced in things, used to be ignorant and I didn’t care about many stuff like saving money.
It was a crazy time that year; there were many personal incidents which had ultimately made me depressed.
I thought I would lose all those website’s when they went down. I tried asking for help from friends and explained the situation, but well no one bothered to help me. On the other hand, because of many mistakes that I did in the past, I never liked to ask my dad for money for stuff like that. I was always afraid because I had created a lot of mess by wasting a lot of money carelessly.
Even though I know how dad worked hard to earn, maybe I was still indifferent to it. The scenario was that I had no money, nobody to ask from
I will complete the story later, as I didn’t have the time to revise it.

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