Got a New Hard Disk Drive

What’s the scariest thing for you when it comes to computers?
For me, It was losing all the important data that I had accumulated over the years.
It was a pain, like much that came from a sudden shock.
I had faced a setback when my primary & secondary hard disk went dead. A lot of content & data was lost and due to the poor and slow internet, I had no online backup for all that stuff.
So, Recently Just got new replacement hard disk as I was waiting for prices to come down somewhat.  Needless to say those Stupidly inflated prices by Indian sellers that have been listed in most sites is what stopped me earlier. I always look for offers when buying something so that I could get a good deal. Now I am also planning to get an SSD which would increase productivity speed.
Now, I could get back to developing and building stuff.
Also, I went ahead and got 3 different internets connections from different ISP to have stability and redundancy. However, Bad days are when you have 3 net connections and when all of them don’t work, especially on rainy days.
Ortel Communications standing at the top of the list. They provide good speed but they are very poor when comes to providing stable internet.
This taught me that, always backup your stuff, no matter what keep a backup of your important files. Here I lost files, data and memories dated from 2008, that included thousands of pictures, videos, and other collected content.
Sad isn’t it.
Lately, I’ve been sulking, as I wonder, when bad things happen why they have to be so bad. We can’t ignore things, and be it prepared or not, we have to face circumstances that can shake you up.
Yet I look forward to this month.
Expect a Review on Seagate 2TB Internet Hard Drive.
This is available in Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal.

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