Achieved 1Lakhs (INR) from App Sales in Windows App Store

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With 1239 App Acquisitions, 1,163 Apps Sales. Total Net Revenue earned over a year crossed over 1Lakhs INR today.

It’s a little achievement that I grossed out to 1 Lakhs rupees in App Sales in Windows Store. However, I’m Spending More that what am earning.

Though it’s a positive outcome yet my expenses are way far than what am earning right now.

I might have reached new heights, but right now am not focused!

Finding it hard to scale up. There are just so many things I want to do but the time I have is so less.

One way I want to go mainstream, but on the other hand, I enjoy my calm life right now. I’m lazy but still active. Well, its has become hard to manage my mindset lately. It is already flooded with so many stuff.

Wish I cloud pull through this as if it wasn’t there last night.

I look forward to being much more stable than this and procure even better results.

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