Disclaimer: This article is written concerning my personal life. Things mentioned in this articles also take reference from regular day to day life events and resources. I don’t intend to offend anyone and am just expressing my views and concerns related to a particular topic.

So my Portfolio manager advises me to invest in Mutual Funds.
I have researched and know now about market risk and differential factors. Heck, I seriously am hungry to know more about this stuff. But there’s hardly any time.
Can’t afford to invest another rupee without going through things in details. The sad reality is that the world isn’t free. Friends don’t relate when it’s come to the profession. I just have learned it in a hard way.
Do you believe that you can smooch someone and get something done for free? 
Well, India’s is such a place where the majority of people try to get stuff/services at the lowest prices, sometimes even demanding or finding ways to get things for free.

Though it’s not wrong, you will see people getting more weird day by day.
What I have learned and would like to share is, when it comes to the profession – do you think even if it’s your friend and you ask them to do something for you for absolutely free that is which has cost him much to learn or practice. 
Is it fair? And if you think its fair would you do something for your friend for absolutely free, but it’s going to cost you money. Nope, I hardly think one will do. Stop expecting things from others that you when asked can’t provide. Be Logical. That’s what people term these days.
Nope, I hardly think one will do. Stop expecting things from others that you when asked can’t provide.
Be Logical. That’s what people say these days.

Have you ever asked your friend or relative, to do something for you for free that may cost them dearly, because they are in some profession related to the thing which you want or achieve? What if one does the same, you are in some profession, and someone you know asks you to do things for them without paying your or let’s say they have the capability to pay, but they don’t want to.
We all expect to get things easily, and yes we do think of ways of how we could save some few extra bucks. Well, these days money is a concern, one has to be smart enough or adaptable sufficient to handle money.

There’s a saying:
Treat others like how you want to be treated.

I just am expressing my concerns over money, and considering that how to save and efficiently use the money. There are lots of people who do this, and they expect things done for them, but they never return anything. Well even if someone does work for them for free or at really low price, be it that someone is related or not, they should have a concern and be logical enough to accept that it’s wise to pay for services that they have received.
No one has enough time in this world, everyone has something or the other to do, even if they are idle. We should never take anyone for granted.


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