In this tutorial, I would be telling you how you can earn more revenue from ads that are setup side by side.

Did you know showing advertisements side by side can increase your advertisement revenue if set right? Settings up ads side by side are the main objective of this tutorial.

You may have noticed some sites, and blogs have “side by side” ads on their pages. This is an effective way to increase ad revenue because the rate you earn from two ads is probably more than one.
For example, 2 thin skyscrapers (120 x 600 / 160 x 600) is usually more than what you earn from 1 wide skyscraper (300 x 600) or 2 rectangle boxes ( 300×250).

Graphic Examples


Below I have shared a code through which you can implement ads side by side on your websites. This code is beneficial to increase your ads revenue. You can implement ads from any advertisement networks side by side be it ads from Google Adsense, BuySellAds, Chikita, AdsMedia, your direct ads or just from any other Publisher Network.
For getting the best results, I advise to use it with AdNetwork that gives you more CPM or CPC. This way your chance of earning more revenue will probably increase a lot.

Make sure it doesn’t overlap your theme and would look good. Try to optimize this code according to your theme for best results.
Just insert this code below into the text widget or space on your website into which you insert your ad codes.
Replace the text ” Copy AD Code In Here ” with your AD Code.

You can fiddle with the text in red. The “-12px” refers to the margin at the top of the widget box and the width px refers to the width of the ad. You can configure the width in this code to match up with the width of the space where you are implementing this code.


 <div style="margin-top: -12px; float: left; width: 160px;">
 <br />
 <div style="margin-top: -12px; float: right; width: 120px;">
 <br />


You need to be mindful of the width of your sidebar when inserting side by side ads. Your side sidebar must fit 300 x 250 ads perfectly, so if you added 2 x (160 x 600) skyscrapers, they overlap which is no good. So you will have to use a 120 x 600 and a 160 x 600 skyscraper to fit nicely in my sidebar.
However you can increase the width of your sidebar to fit 2 x (160 x 600) skyscrapers, by this they won’t overlap, and you could earn even more revenue from them.
And when you are implementing or inserting two 300×250 ads together, make sure the width of the space where you are inserting them is more than 600px so that it won’t overlap anything.

You can refer to the image above for two 300×250; it will give you a reference of how much space it will take up.

Example of Implementation of Side by side ads

For live implementation:

Visit This site – Android Emulators

For Graphic reference, refer the images above in this tutorial.

Query related to Adsense Implementation:

Before Implementing the side by side Adsense Ad Units, you are wondering:
Is Aligning Two Adsense Ad Units Side by Side Against Google Policies?
-> The answer is NO. It is not against Google Policies to Align two Adsense Units Side by Side. I might be wrong, though!
Disclaimer: I might be wrong but here are links to verify that it is not against Google Policies.
Google Ad Placement Policies:
If you have any other proof to confirm that is Against or Not Against Google Policies to Align two Adsense Units side by Side; please share in the comment section below.

Query related to Other Ad Networks Implementation. 
Note that it depends on the network that if they allow such kind of side by side implementation.
There are some ad networks which only allow one ad per page, and I insist if this is the case, you shouldn’t apply two ads from that same network.
However you can obviously implement two ads from different ad networks

Thanks for reading this tutorial, hope you found it useful, if you come across any problems or trouble regarding the implementation of this, just ask me for help in the comments below. I will make sure to reply as soon as I can and help you out.