How many DFP and Google Adsense ads can be run altogether ?

DFP and Google Adsense – How many ads units can be run altogether from both these networks?

Disclaimer: This article represents information from various sources and also collectively based on my experiences. If you find something incorrect, feel free to tell me. Your opinions are also appreciated. 
Greetings, this article, covers how many DFP and Google Adsense Ads can be run altogether.
As you already know, DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), formerly called Google Dart, is an advertisement software as a service application run by Google. It can be used as an ad server but it also provides a variety of useful features for managing the sales process of online ads using a publisher’s dedicated sales team.
It’s different from Google Adsense and is targeted for more experienced publishers.
Lately, I joined Google DFP.
I knew that I could display 3 Google AdSense ads, 3 ad link units and two search ads as per Google Adsense terms and conditions for Adsense Publisher.
Update: Google Adsense removed the three ads limit. 
Using DFP, I have created an ad unit, and in placement, I had created one placement. After that from DFP Ad units, I generated tags and used these codes on my websites.
I set those ads tags to fall back to Adsense in case there weren’t any ads to compete with Google DFP ads to monetize my inventory further.
However, I was troubled by the fact that DFP Advertisement tag that was placed on my websites, the advertisements which came up looked as if they were Adsense ads.
Do Note: Till now I hadn’t added any other ads in the DFP platform with which the ads could compete.
Hence Adsense advertisements were served by default over DFP Tags. I was in the dilemma that there are now four Google Adsense ads on my site, instead of the three limit.
It was in the past before the removal of the three ads limit. Now after the limit was removed. Now I had ads Which were like 3 Adsense Display ads and 1 DFP ad.
I began to think whether this was in violation of Adsense Policies when comparing to the content and ads ratio.
So, I wondered If my DFP Tag shows Adsense Ads, Will this violate the TOS of Adsense?
Until I heard a clarification from an Adsense DFP publisher itself.


DFP can have more than three ads on one page, but not more than three AdSense ads on one page as per before the limit was removed. There is no difference in having three AdSense slots and having three AdSense-enabled DFP slots (both are violations),s. If your AdSense Ads are served through DFP, they are also counted against your maximum 3 ad units limit of AdSense. Because Adsense only allows 3 Adsense Ad Units on the page.
So after the removal of 3 Ads per limit page, you can add more ads to fall back however just keep in mind not to keep too much of ads and less content.
Some publishers are using more than three AdSense enabled ad units per page, so if you have wanted to use more than three AdSense enabled ad units per page, in that case, you must need to aware about that to your DFP account manager. If your DFP account manager allows it then no problem will be created in future.
Otherwise, it can lead to the policy violation.

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