Category: Personal

  • Got a New Hard Disk Drive

    What’s the scariest thing for you when it comes to computers? For me, It was losing all the important data that I had accumulated over the years. It was a pain, like much that came from a sudden shock. I had faced a setback when my primary & secondary hard disk went dead. A lot […]

  • Bought My First Ride – Pulsar NS200 2017

    While many rely on parents to get them a ride, I worked hard to get what I wanted. Pulsar NS200 – My First Ride that I ever bought. Its gonna be my Pal for a long time.

  • Achieved 1Lakhs (INR) from App Sales in Windows App Store

    It’s a little achievement that I grossed out to 1 Lakhs rupees in App Sales in Windows Store. However, I’m Spending More that what am earning.

  • When You Can’t Stop Thinking About The Person You Let Go

    I ended a relationship a few years ago and for some reason, I can’t stop thinking about her this week. Since I broke up this experience of missing her comes and goes in waves. Sometimes I’ll go months without thinking about her than other times, like now, it’s all that’s on my mind. I wish I […]

  • Started studying at Government Autonomous College

    Most students are at that stage after 12th; when they have to decide what to pursue further. Which college to go to, which stream to choose from. Hence I choose Government Autonomous College for doing my Bsc. in Computer Science instead of pursuing Engineering. Several reasons why I choose this college; I won’t have to pay […]

  • Money, Profession and Being Logical

    Money has became a concerning topics, its hard to manage it these days, this article relates to people who take others profession for granted. Like people who wish to get free services, may be from their friends or family, but they actually don’t intent to do the same, like doing something for returning the favor which they received.

  • Forgetting Things!

    Forgetting things took a toll on me. I will make sure this will never happen again in future. New things on my mind, stay tuned.