Got a New Hard Disk Drive

What’s the scariest thing for you when it comes to computers? For me, It was losing all the important data that I had accumulated over the years. It was a pain, like much that came from a sudden shock. I had faced a setback when my primary & secondary hard disk went dead. A lot … Read More!

Money, Profession and Being Logical

Disclaimer: This article is written concerning my personal life. Things mentioned in this articles also take reference from regular day to day life events and resources. I don’t intend to offend anyone and am just expressing my views and concerns related to a particular topic.

So my Portfolio manager advises me to invest in Mutual Funds.
I have researched and know now about market risk and differential factors. Heck, I seriously am hungry to know more about this stuff. But there’s hardly any time.
Can’t afford to invest another rupee without going through things in details. The sad reality is that the world isn’t free. Friends don’t relate when it’s come to the profession. I just have learned it in a hard way.
Do you believe that you can smooch someone and get something done for free? 
Well, India’s is such a place where the majority of people try to get stuff/services at the lowest prices, sometimes even demanding or finding ways to get things for free.

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